What Happened to The History Channel

By | July 2, 2011

This is good, while the History Channel has gotten fairly entertaining lately, it seems like they have forgotten a lot about the ‘Hstory’ part. Don’t get me wrong I am all for making history enjoyable and entertaining, but watching some of these shows on the History Channel lately seems to yield nothing more than entertainment. I do enjoy watching them too, and often times do when there is nothing else on worth watch out of 100’s of channels, which is surprisingly often.

It seems even within the fictional genre considerations of character development, plots, and meaningful themes have really taken a back seat to just shear entertainment value or conveying a wow factor. Thus reality TV seems to be the easiest model for everyone to explore. Since they can then make a TV programs by simply following and chronicling a person’s life.

Thus History has become oblique at best in most of programs. This is especially sad because these are shows that are supposed to have history at their core, and they are addressing it only in an oblique fashion. Since it is so much easier to make TV in real time, than to actually dive in, deeply explore the past, and create quality depictions of it.

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