Tragedy in Newtown, CT

By | December 14, 2012

Tragedy in Newtown, CT

Horrible news today, very hard to watch the response to the elementary school in Newtown CT that was just too late to stop it. This is just too close to home. This is much too soon to be writing about another shooting, but yet the unthinkable has happened. 20 children and 7 adults were killed at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, CT. I really never thought and so wish that we were not be hearing about such another massive shooting like this again so soon.

Now of course the gun control debate has begun, and the questions of why, the psychologists, homeland security experts, news pundits, etc have all entered into the national debate. The gun control and policy issues are of course really just mitigation though. Mayor Giuliani explained it well to Piers Morgan when referencing some of the previous shooting in this nation:”If he doesn’t get the AR-15, he’ll go get a handgun. If he doesn’t do that, he’ll go get explosives. If he doesn’t get that, he’ll go get poison”

Another question that inevitable must be asked is why didn’t they have school resource officer in their school. One stations show the average income in the area to be something like $111,000 a year. Even if cost was a concern in that area or is for those looking to learn from this the other option which seem most practical and cost effective is training the physical education staff to carry firearms. They are probably the best candidates to double as armed guards at an elementary school like that, since they would probably be most likely to have the strength and ability to train in weapon retention and tactical response. Of course even with that there could be a delay in response time if an officer or guard happens to be engaged in some sort of administrative duties as well, so there is of course not a magic bullet approach in security. The key is a more layer approach. Once you get the school resource officer in there, then you have him train the physical education staff, and so on and so forth. Again nothing is 100% foolproof, but it could be a good step.

Beyond the mitigation, the real issue here is that there is real evil in this world. When we try and teach that everyone is just basically good, and there is no right and wrong, then people are not aware that something that starts out with so simple and seemingly innocent feelings of misery loves company, can quickly progress to the point where the guy thought he was already as good as dead, and then wanted to make others suffer and pay in the worst possible way.

One of the psychologists explained why this happened well when he said it was “the terrible sense that you are dis-empowered and spiritually dead.” This world is full of spiritually dead people, so anyone is capable of it and you would just never know by externals. What we do know is Jesus Christ that can make people spiritually alive, and while this instance may have been a lost battle the overall victory is already won.

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