The End of the World is Near or is it?

By | December 20, 2012

Mayan Doomsday 2012

Many have suggested that the end of the world will come tomorrow when the Mayan long count calendar ends on December 21, 2012. However, many groups are also increasingly starting to hedge their bets, based on a more recently discovered Mayan calendar. Some are suggesting that they will simply receive greater power from the magnetic flux that will result from the astronomical alignment on this winter solstice.

Scholars have had very little written material to go on, and have had to piece together what history they have mostly from inscriptions on Mayan structures and monuments. That would be like trying to construct American history based on the national mall alone and without Smithsonian. There were only 4 Mayan books called codices (folding book) preserved (the Dresden Codex, Madrid Codex, Paris Codex, and Grolier Codex) because many of the Conquistadors and the Spanish priests viewed their writing as evil, in light of their practices of human sacrifice, and destroyed most of them. However, they did decide to save four, and of the four the Dresden Codex is the main one which is used for calculating the dates of the long calendar.

This newer calendar was found at the Mayan ruins site of Xultun, Guatemala shows a cycles that extends beyond that date to The site first discovered in 1915 and previously mapped in the 1920s and 1970s. However, detailed archeological study and investigation of the area only began in earnest in 2008. The specific structure with the new calendar was identified in 2010 and was evacuated in 2010-2011 by William Saturno and his team. They published on their findings in May of 2012.

While many are still convinced most will simply be glad to have the hype over with or recalculate and pick another date for the end of the world after tomorrow. Nevertheless there are still people out there who have built arks, and prepared fantastically fancy shelters. Often times Christians get blamed for a lot of the hype as well because of the very prophetic nature of parts of the Bible. However, the Bible specific warns against the foolishness of attempting to set a date for the end of world, because it is not for man to know the date and time. However, it does warn us that the last day will come swift, like a thief in the night. Even though tomorrow in all likelihood will not be the end, it is important to always be prepared.

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