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Is Now A Good Time for Obama to Release Oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve?

By | April 20, 2011

With Prices at the pump starting to reach $4+ a gallon it may be time for Obama to release some oil from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Apparently he has indicated that he could had done it about a month ago, but he seems to be waiting for a worst trigger point; than the current crisis […]

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Dirt Cheap Gas in Rhode Island This Friday

By | October 15, 2008

This Friday the LUKoil station (aka Coventry Petro) on Nooseneck Hill Road in Coventry will be offering $1.99 a gallon gas from 10:30 AM to 1:00 PM. According to the gas station attendant there is no limit to the amount of gas you can get; as long as you are not bringing a tanker truck […]

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