Metal Storm, a gun that can fire a thousand rounds a second

By | May 4, 2006

Metal Storm guns
Wow Metal Storm guns are crazy is crazy. It can fire thousands of rounds a second, hence the name metal storm. They even have a pistol type gun that can fire 3 rounds before it even recoils, making it extremly acurate atlhough I do not think it can fire many more rounds that a conventional gun it can fire rounds much faster and no jam.
metal storm
40mm Redback picture from metal storm dot com

The secret to these metal storm weapons is that they do not use conventional firing mechanism, and therefore have very few moving parts. Metal storm guns use an electronic ignition system so bullets in the guns are just lined up right behind one another, so even if a gun does jam the next bullet behind it will push the jammed bullet out. The metal storm gun can also fire 250,000 grenades a minute.

The 38-Calibre NLOS(non line of sight) Cannon can fire a 100 pound round every 10 seconds. This cannon is fully automatic; it does everything, it loads and sets the fuses then fires the cannon. This automatic cannon can hold 72 charges and 22 rounds. Also it can fire a number of different types of round including high explosive dual purpose smoke round, and precision munitions(meaning they are guided by radar, GPS, laser or something else like that). This thing can even track where a round hits on the ground to make an adjustment on the target. The speed of this thing is described as MRSI(multi round simultaneous impact) causing what is described as popcorn effect, meaning that the thing keeps bombarding the enemy leaving them no time to take cover. In addition, it has an active defense system with 360 degree sensors that can either jam a guided weapon or fire a intercept round to stop a projectile. It also has diesel and battery power for a stealth mode; where it can drive on battery for up to 20 minutes so you will not hear it sneak up on you even if your walking on a field.
nlos cannon
picture from gizmag dot com

First Round fired from 38-Calibre NLOS Cannon
Thermobaric Weapons
Wow thermobaric weapons are crazy they just denigrate people. Instead of blasting little shards of metal or something this thing produces a massive cloud of superheated gas and just denigrates anything near by.

“The thermobaric weapon reproduces this situation to order, distributing a very fine cloud of explosive material throughout the target which is then ignited.

The heat and pressure effects are formidable – soldiers caught in the blast could have the air sucked from their bodies and even their internal organs catastrophically destroyed.

Thermobaric weapons are closely related to so-called fuel-air explosives – where the explosive cloud is provided by a volatile gas or liquid.”

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