Jamestown bridge demolition

By | May 20, 2006

old bridge

Well the second phase of the Jamestown bridge demolition happened this past Thursday at 11:27am. However this time there were not as many people there were no dignitaries and no governor. This one was supposed to be louded, but I doubt it was. For the first demoltion I was quite a distanse away off of Ferry dr. in Saunderstown and it was really loud. However this second time I parked my car and followed a path where I came out on the back side of the bridge (meaning my view or the old bridge was blocked by the new bridge) then I walked down under the new bridge and the remianing part of old one and sat all of 20 yards away from the bridge and the first one sitll sounded louder I though. This demoltion took down more footage of bridge 2,000ft as where the first only took down 1,000ft of bridge, however the first demolition took down the center span with which had more height and assumely had more steel and weight, alhtough it may had taken more explosives to take down this portion.

between bridges

When you talk to someone who remebers when the old bridge was built in 1940 they will tell you that this demolition is a major hisotrical event, and will expess somewhat of a sadness to see it go. However the old bridge has long outlived it’s usefulness and has not been used since the new Jamestown Verrazzano Bridge open in 1992. The old bridge was a scary bridge with the wind would blowing the car and the gates n each side alloweda view through them stright down to the water just added to the uneasyness.
old bridge

picture from turnto10.com


peter on May 30, 2006 at 12:38 am.

Awesome pictures.

Stacey on August 12, 2008 at 8:28 pm.

Here I am, in Fall River, and I googled “scary bridge” to waste time before I get out of school, and lo and behold; your jamestown bridge is at the top. nice… lol

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