Focus Marketing Seminars

By | August 16, 2008

I am currently attending a Focus Marketing Seminars event in DC and really enjoying the DC area. I am learning some useful information, but much of it is very familiar such as the fact that bad news sells. So for bad part there have been a number of speakers selling things, which I simply have no money for or am not really interested in. To be honest for many of the products the cost is simply prohibitive for me. However, if I do not listen then I will lose my chance to win money; I learned this the hard when my name was drawn before I returned from lunch, and I lost some sheet money from the Bureau of Engraving. This was despite the fact that I was back within exactly 1 hour, which was the original amount of time lunch was going to be. Normally I can eat in 15 minutes, but when you need to go three blocks in the DC underground to find food it takes time. On the plus side I am getting some little tit bits of information and hopefully some ideas on how to seriously improve my online marketing. Nonetheless, the best part is the fact that I get to form connections with people from all over the world through networking and hopefully find some new photography clients and/or maybe move into some advertising business. Focus Marketing Seminars has really grown, with Pat Lovell and Sean Roach announcing a UK event for Focus Marketing Seminars just the other day. Last night was very interesting going to a Hibachi restaurant three blocks away from the Crystal City Marriott with a 17 other people all involved in traffic exchanges and so forth. If you see me ask me for a password to view the photographs from the event on our website here

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