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New Stealth Helicopter

By | May 6, 2011

The latest talk on the bin Laden raid has been a supposedly new stealth helicopter that was use by the Navy Seals during the raid. While it is not all that surprising in many respects that we may have a new stealth helicopter. The surprising thing is that it has been kept a secret until […]

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Photos of Osama bin Laden’s Body Will Not be Released!

By | May 4, 2011

So I just received emails from both the Washington Post and ABC News Indicating that President Obama said on 60 Minutes he is not going to release the pictures of Osama bin Laden. One can’t help but wonder why this is. It must be assumed if he is not intending to release photographs there must […]

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WikiLeak’s Afghanistan War Logs

By | July 28, 2010

As many of you have heard WikiLeaks has Published Afghanistan war logs dating from 2004 all the way up to the beginning of 2010. They claim since everything is submitted anonymously they do not know who sent them the war logs. Not only did Wikileaks publish them, but they published the entire 91,000 logs, well […]

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International terror strikes at Wal-Mart in Newport RI to the tune of $10,000

By | August 29, 2007

Yesterday at around 1:30pm we noticed a lot of police, fire, and news activity in the vicinity of Wal-Mart on Connell Highway in Newport; though the whole thing actually began before the store opened around 6:50 with a phone call. My first though was some sort of hold up or something of that nature and […]

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