Anicent Egypt

Ancient Egypt is a community almost completely centered on the Nile River which originates up in the mountains of Ethiopia (land of the black faces) and flows from south to north, then branches off and terminates in the delta, some does reach the sea. Egypt is a desert region so they totally dependent on the Nile and the annual flood for most all their life sustaining water to grow crops, make bricks, etc. For that reason, the Nile is the life vein of Egypt. The Egyptians are also intermittently in conflict with their Nubians neighbors to the south who never seem to quite rise to the fame and opulence of ancient Egypt, but none the less were still a vibrant and dynamic factor in the region.

Ancient Egypt was a society rich in so countless things, many of which have led to some of the contemporary things that we see today in modern society. For example, the great pyramids of the old kingdom still puzzle people today, not so much in the reason they were built but mainly in the building methods. There has been various experiments done to try and determine how the great pyramids of the old kingdom were constructed with the technologies that existed it the era. We today could not build something of that magnitude without the aid of computers and modern machinery of cranes and the like; consequently many people today are still very fascinated with the pyramids and many other aspects of Egyptian culture. This of course is nothing new as indicated by the Egypt and the Egyptians book many people of antique including the Egyptians were fascinated by the pyramids. As indicated by the mentioning of the Egyptians spending a day observing the step pyramid complex of Djoser 1,200 years after it was built.

Djoser was so impressive, in fact; that the designer Imhothep was deified for his work. This fascination with Egyptian pyramids and culture was followed up by the Greeks, Romans, French, British, and probably many more people including ourselves who have famed Egyptian culture in Hollywood with movies of the likes of Indiana Jones, The Mummy, The Scorpion King and many more. The Nubians are also a large player in the Nile region. Even though the Nubians are much less known they are in many respects similar to the Egyptians, but they seem to mange to maintaining their identity. Even during a point when Egypt was under Muslim rule the Nubians were able to maintain a treaty with the Muslims for almost a 1000years. The Nubians had tombs, palaces, forts and many other things recognizable of the Egyptians. Nubia is a land that was rich in gold, and the Nubians were probably even the first to use Iron. Unfortunately very little is actually really known about them in comparison with the Egyptians although we are constantly learning more about them.

Although with there religion it is a different case. In fact I would hypothesis that the Egyptians actually took a lot form the Hebrew beliefs. I know many would disagree with this hypothesis, but I doubt anyone can disprove it and I would welcome any attempts to disprove. I just do not think it can be done. The Hebrew beliefs are much more assertive and authoritarian in nature and therefore seem to be the logical source for all the others accounts. Now this may appear wrong at first since one may be inclined to automatically assume that I am referring to the Hebrew nation of Israel when using the name Hebrew. This however this is not the case I am referring to the early ancestors of the Hebrew nation such as Abraham and Joseph. It does not seem logic that Moses wrote the entire book of Genesis since there is no logical way he could have known many of the specifics included in the book Much of the Egyptian beliefs are much older than the actually nation of Israel, but I am just uncertain what to call people such as Abraham other than Hebrew. There is an account in Genesis of him visiting Egypt, during the first intermediate period in approximately 2144 B.C., and a period when Joseph ruled as second in command under pharaoh, during the middle kingdom, in approximately 1885 B.C. Now if the Egyptians did not incorporate many Hebrew beliefs during this period, then both belief systems more than likely derived from a common ancestral origin which similar to that of the Hebrews. Some may argue that it was during the time of during this period The similarities are striking between the Genesis creation account and the Egyptian mythical creation. They have so many of the Genesis elements in there. They have a god named Nu who is represented as primeval water and the sun god Atum rises out of Nu and creates more gods who represent different forms of creation like air, moisture, earth, and sky. Then we have the god Ptah who is kind of separate from the whole scheme of god they have. The god Ptah who is superior to all the other gods and has the power to bring things into existence simply by speaking of it; this god is striking similar to Elohim which is the plural name for God (used in the Genesis 1:1 account to include the Trinity) who created every thing in the Genesis creation account. This same God is later revealed as Yahweh to Moses. Now some may argue that when the Hebrew nation was captive in Egypt is when they acquired these concepts, but that really does not add up. It is much more likely that the Hebrews brought their beliefs with them when entering Egypt because the Hebrew God although similar to Egyptian gods seems to be superior to them as demonstrated in the plagues of Egypt, then the Hebrew God Each plague seems to represent a different Egyptian god effetely turned the gods of the Egyptians against them.

Furthermore, it does not seems that the Hebrews would have pulled an older concept of God out of the Egyptian god system that was no longer being worshiped, if they were going to incorporate Egyptian beliefs they would have more likely incorporated current Egyptian beliefs as they did with the golden calf, but not with Yahweh the new name given for God. Because that name is not used until the time of the Exodus does not prove that it is anything new but just a new point of refinement. They already had God revealed previously as El Shaddi which was most likely brought with them into Egypt and that is the concept that I am proposing the Egyptians took from. They most likely either took it from early Hebrews as Abraham or Joseph, or if not from them from a common ancestor who had mostly likely sets of beliefs constant with the Hebrews. This is not to say a set of beliefs constant with the Hebrew law, which obviously had not been established at that point, but constant with the basic belief concepts of creation and attributes of God. Another main different between the Egyptian gods and the Hebrew God is the Hebrews do not seem to be attributing human problems and issues to their God. Even though he deals with the people’s problem He is not influenced and consumed with the problem Himself. He is above needing to deal with them in his being and is therefore free to help the Hebrews. Now a God of that nature is not easily created by people because nature tendency is to attribute aspects of nature and human attributes to gods. That makes sense, but to come up with a God above those troubles in His own character is not so easy to compose. So it would seem likely that the concept of Path as found in one of the Egyptian myths was taken from a God who was of the nature of the Hebrew God who is above human concepts and then gradually became more humanized as they developed the concept to incorporate more aspects into it. It is of course evident that the Hebrews do fall into worshiping some of the Egyptian Gods, but it is simply not true of that Yahweh is an invention from any Egyptian god. Another interesting fact is many Egyptian gods are made out of nature with some noteworthy exception like Path. Which brings up a very interesting that was mentioned in class about Ptah; that he was always there; they could not get rid of him, but they just stopped worshiping. That is so striking similar to how people view God today He is there and, but not worshiped sincerely by many, but is usually acknowledged. Although now with the invention of the evolutionary system it is no longer necessary to have creator god centered in creation although it really makes no sense, but that is a entirely different issue. The Egyptians take animals, rivers, the sun and things of that nature and humanize them to make them a god. But, with Yahweh or Ptah He just there and always has been there. Since Ptah is more consistent with the Hebrews beliefs it should be concluded that the Egyptians got there concept of God form the Hebrews’ belief system or an ancestoral belief system of Hebrew precursers with the same basic concepts.

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