A Truly Dark Premiere of “The Dark Knight Rises”.

By | July 20, 2012

Recently the topic of “The Dark Knight Rises” movie was brought up in a devotional.  It was brought up by young adult in an attempt to find common ground with some students.  The movie seemed a poor introduction to a Bible study, because it was such a temporal thing, and that point was subsequently made.  Recently a murderous attack at movie premiere in Aurora Colorado, has really driven that point home; that while we may enjoy such diversions as movies we can only find true peace in Christ.  In Ephesians 5:16 the apostle Paul said that we should redeem the time for the days are evil.

In this world there is real evil.  Evil is not just something we witness in the movies and on the television, it really happens.  Don’t get me wrong, movies are a nice diversion, and it is great to imagine that such vigilante justice can prevail. However, the reality is that no Dark Knight can stop all the violence.

The only answer is a heart change, which can only be brought about by the power of Christ.  The people that have committed massacres, such as this movie theater shooting have clearly been plagued by many demons, and no gun regulation or any other restriction will stop them.

In Aurora Colorado, at midnight premier of “The Dark Knight Rises”, James Holmes walked into a movie theater and then proceeded to exit the theater, propped open an emergency exit behind him.  When he reentered he was clad in a gas mask, tactic bullet proof vest, throat and groin protection, and protective legging.  He first set off tear gas and subsequently opened fire with a gun believed to be an AR-15 rifle with a 100 round drum magazine.  He had three other guns, including two Glocks and a 12 gauge shotgun, although it is not clear if he also used them or not.  In his rampage he killed 12 people, and injured 70 more. Many pundits already want to simply pass James Holmes off as being mentally unstable, but they really do not have any physical evidence or markers do for that.

This was a very capable and intelligent man, fully culpable for his actions, and even if you could say the devil made him do it; that is no excuse, as it would only augment his own evil desires.  If we simply limit guns to government officials these people could easily work their way into where ever they can get the weapons, or find alternative weapons such as IEDs.  The guy only had a speeding ticket on his record and was a Ph.D. candidate. In fact, his apartment was rigged with IEDs.  Also it is clear that more education is not the answer either, more education only enables criminals to better plan their attacks.

Possibly some people could had fought back with less restrictive gun regulations. However, even those licensed to carry probably did not suspect a movie theater as a target and may not had even bothered to carry on such a causal night out.  Moreover, he was clad in body armor, so the only thing that would had stopped him would had been telfon-coated bullets, which are illegal even for those licensed to carry.  Also, the tactical entry with the tear gas would had made it very difficult to return fire inside the theater, and police response time was excellent, only 90 seconds, because they were already paroling another event.  Perhaps the legal questions should not center around the guns, so much as the non-lethal gas, and if these gases are legal perhaps we should ask why police are not equipped with gas masks as standard issue.

It has also been purported that Holmes dyed his hair as the Joker in batman. Ironically, it has been widely speculated that Heath Ledger was driven to commit suicide or to an accidental drug overdose, at least in part because of the stress that came from immersing himself in the role of the Joker in a previous batman movie “The Dark Knight” and the fictional evil.

Mental insatiability does not lead to evil so much as it is the result of an immersion with evil.  While it may cause a greater predisposition towards such acts it cannot explain the act, which was clearly perpetrated by a very smart and very evil man.

Let us take solace in the fact that God will someday defeat these forces of evil. I pray that God will be with the families that lost someone in this travesty, that they will be comforted, and that the victims will find peace and understanding in midst of this difficult time.  Realize that while Holmes intended this for evil God can work this for good.  Be assured of this by the words of Jesus in John 11:26

And whoever lives and believes in me shall never die. Believe you this?

There are a couple phone numbers to contact with or for information.  The crime stoppers tip line is 1-720-913-STOP and the other, a general information line is 1-303-739-1862.

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